The Sodality of the B.V.M.


  The Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary was founded in 1563 in the Roman College of the Jesuits. One of the teachers at the college, Fr. John Leunis, started the organization in order to foster a regulated spiritual life among his students who ranged from nine to sixteen years of age. He would gather them together in one of the classrooms after school for special devotions.
  The members of the Sodality became models for the other students at the college. Many other students began to attend the devotions and less than a year later they numbered seventy. Thirteen years later, they numbered 30,000.
  Later the Sodality extended outside of the colleges, and girls and married women were admitted. The Sodality of Our Lady grew and spread throughout the Christian world. Millions of men and women in every station of life-king and peasant, scholar and saint, soldier and workingman-joined its ranks and carried out the work of deepening their own sanctity, of aiding their fellow men in a variety of ways, and of defending and spreading the Catholic Church.
  St. Stanislaus Kostka, St. John Berchmans, St. Francis de Sales, St. Bernadette, and St. Therese were members of the Sodality.
  Many popes, including Leo XIII and St. Pius X, have granted indulgences and privileges to the members and have encouraged the faithful to join the Sodality.

Our Sodality

  Those who would like to honor Our Lady in a special manner may be enrolled in the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The members promise Our Lady to live by a special rule that encompasses all the fundamental exercises for the spiritual life. Those interested in the Sodality attend its meetings and exercises for a trial period, after which they may request to join. They are admitted to the Sodality in a beautiful ceremony before the Blessed Sacrament.

Rules of the Sodality

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Reception Ceremony
The Reading of the Consecration

Reception Ceremony
Certificate of Membership
Sodality Retreat/Activities

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