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Rev. Joseph Selway
The Reverend Joseph S. Selway

Father Selway began his seminary studies at the Institute Mater Boni Consilii of Verrua Savoia, Italy, and then completed his training at Most Holy Trinity Seminary under the direction of the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn. www.mostholytrinityseminary.org He was ordained by the Most Reverend Robert McKenna in 2001, on December 8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Since that time, Father has been assisting at the seminary, acting as prefect of discipline and later as vice-rector, a position which he continues to hold.

In 2003, he opened Queen of All Saints parish and school in Brooksville, Florida. The location is ideal because it is within minutes of Most Holy Trinity seminary where Fr. Selway assists.

In September of 2005, the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn and Father Selway founded the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas. They had for their purpose the foundation of a congregation of women religious to help serve the special missionary needs of our present time. www.sistersofaquinas.org

Father’s studies and travel gave him an excellent education which he shares with the children. He is fluent in Latin, Spanish, Italian and French (and English). For over nine years he studied the violin, which he also teaches to a handful of children in the junior ensemble class.

As a teacher and principal, Father Selway is actively on the school premises and oversees its organization and schedule. He currently teaches languages, philosophy and grammar to the senior and middle classes.

Father has also organized the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Queen of All Saints Academy. He holds conferences, meetings, recreational activities and retreats for the numerous members, including students from the academy as well as adults and children from several parishes.


The Reverend Federico Palma
The Reverend Federico Palma

Father Palma was born and raised in Formosa, Argentina, the youngest in a family of four. Father has been active in his apostolate for the youth since he was 16; teaching Catechism classes, assisting with boys’ camps, and helping with youth activities at his local parish.

In March of 2000, Father began his seminary studies in Argentina, In October of 2001, he came to the U.S. to continue his studies at Most Holy Trinity Seminary, under the direction of the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn. He was ordained by the Most Reverend Daniel Dolan in Cordoba, Argentina, on December 8th, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 2006.

Father began teaching at the Academy in the school year of 2006. He quickly became a beloved favorite of the boys. His knowledge of soccer, aka “football” earned him immediate admiration.

Father Palma is our official religion teacher. Every day Father is kept busy teaching the various levels (grades K-12) their catechism, morals, values and lessons from the saints.

In addition Father Palma is happy to teach Spanish, his native tongue, to the high school as well as to assist in the physical education department for the boys. Each day at recess and on Fridays (our P.E. day) Father organizes the teams, coaches and participates in the sport of the day.

Apart from the Academy, Fr. Palma has also assisted at Most Holy Trinity Seminary. He has taught Latin and Theology classes since 2006.

The Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas
The Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas

The Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas began teaching at the Academy in 2005, the year that their Congregation was founded.

Their principal apostolate being the education of youth, the Sisters devote most of their time assisting in the administration and basic functioning of the school.

The Sisters teach grades K-12, individually specializing in different areas and levels of education. They also organize the concerts, plays, and other extra-curricular activities for the students.

Mrs. Patricia Urling
Mrs. Patricia Urling

Mrs. Urling has been teaching science at the academy since 2005.

She graduated from the Pittsburgh Hospital School of Nursing in 1951 She worked at the Pittsburgh Hospital for one year and at the University Hospital of Cleveland for four years.

She was director of the Lancaster Medical Services from 1991-1998 and director of Mount Carmel Women's Center from 1998 - 2001.

Mother to ten children and grandmother to sixty-four, Mrs. Urling has been teaching children since 1953. We are very happy to have her among our faculty.

Besides some of the high school science courses, Mrs Urling also teaches spelling and literature in the middle school.