Queen of All Saints AcademyQueen of All Saints Academy is a Traditional Catholic private school located in Brooksville, Florida.

The Academy was founded in 2003, by Rev. Joseph Selway.

Fr. Selway moved to Florida in 2002, and immediately began renovating the building purchased for the church, school, and rectory. In October of 2003, classes began at Queen of All Saints Academy in Brooksville, Florida.

Queen of All Saints Academy is organized as a center for the training of Roman Catholic youth according to pre-Vatican II standards.

Education is the systematic and deliberate formation in the young, accomplished by means of instruction and discipline of all the faculties of the human being. Spiritual and physical, the faculties are trained according to the model of the supernatural perfection of man.

At the Academy, the faculty and the parents understand that education is not the mere presentation of useful information; rather it is the intense act of molding the child's intellect and will so that he have both a firm grasp of the supernatural and natural truth, and the moral ability to lead a life in accordance with the commandments of God.

Pope Leo XIII

"Hence, the true Christian, the product of Christian education, is the supernatural man who thinks, judges, and acts constantly and consistently in accordance with right reason illumined by the supernatural light of the example and teaching of Christ; in other words, to use the current term, the true and finished man of character."

-Pope Leo XIII

In his encyclical on Catholic education, Divini Illius Magistri of December 31, 1929, Pope Pius XI expressed the purpose and goal of Catholic education:
Pope Pius IX

"The true Christian does not renounce the activities of his life, he does not stunt his natural faculties; but he develops and perfects them by coordinating them with the supernatural. He thus ennobles what is merely natural in life and secures for it new strength in the material and temporal order, no less than in the spiritual and eternal."

The Academy fully realizes the responsibility entrusted to it by parents - parents who are striving to raise their children according to the Catholic model. It is therefore dedicated to producing the perfect Catholic man and woman, who, through the training received both at home and from the school, will be equipped to lead out a life in the state of sanctifying grace, and at the same time to be cognizant of all they need to know in order to be fruitful in their varied states of life as adults.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Academy, working hand-in-hand with the parents, must form both the intellect and the will of the students. The formation of the intellect is accomplished through a thorough knowledge of the Faith, as well as the knowledge of natural truths in the light of the Faith. The formation of the will is accomplished by means of the mortification of evil habits on the one hand, and the edification of virtuous habits on the other. Fully supported by the parents, the Academy undertakes the complete spiritual formation of the children, with the goal that the young men or young women who emerge from this Academy with thirteen years of education will be adorned with faith, knowledge, virtue, discipline, refinement, fortitude, and maturity. They shall go forth as faithful and holy young men and young women who will be assets to both Church and society, credits to their families, and examples to those who follow them.